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Plywood & Sheet Materials

Hardwood Plywood

This is any type of plywood that has a hardwood veneered face. The plywood we have in stock is a really good quality hardwood throughout Chinese from a mill that we know will supply a good quality board. It has exterior glue so it is ideal for external use as well as for use in Joinery and cabinetmaking, exhibition stands, structural and non-structural construction work.

It is available in 4,6,9,12,15,18 & 25mm thickness.

The sheet sizes are 1220mm (4’) x 2440mm (8’) / 1220mm (4’) x 3050mm (10’) / 1550 (5’) x 3050 (10’)

Softwood Plywood

Used in construction and industrial applications where its mechanical function is more important than its appearance. We stock a C+/C Brazilian elliotis plywood its ideal for  Structural and non-structural construction work, site hoardings, boarding up, packaging, formwork and roofing.

It is available in 9,12,18 and 25mm thickness

The sheet sizes are 1220mm x 2440mm only.


Medium density fibreboard is a highly versatile product that is used in a wide range of areas furniture, shopfitting, exhibition stands, wall panelling. It is  made by bonding together wood fibres with a synthetic resin adhesive and is available in a massive rangehicknesses and sheet sizes. ( nb could we put a size table here).

There are various types of MDF fire retadant, moisture resistant, lightweight, exterior all of which we are able to supply.

MDF is an ideal material for bonding veneers and melamines to. There is a huge choice in various sizes that we can offer on a next day basis. Should there be a particular type of veneer/melamine which isn’t in stock we will be only too happy to get you a quote and lead time.


Orientated strand Board is mostly used for boarding up buildings, roofing, flooring, hoardings and packaging. It is ahighly durable, rigid and reliable board that is suitable for a wide variety of applications similar to plywood products.

OSB has properties very similar to plywood but has a number of clear benefits. Firstly OSB suffers from no ‘natural defects’ such as weak areas, knots and core voids as it is made from wood strands. Secondly it can be manufactured from environmentally friendly & fast growing wood species, it can even be recycled at the end of its useful life. It can also be drilled, sanded, sawn, stained, planed, painted and routed.

It is available in 8, 11 and 18mm Thickness

The sheet sizes are 1220mm x 2440mm

Chipboard and Hardboard

Chipboard is an engineered wood product manufactured by binding wood particles together with a synthetic resin which is then pressed together under high temperature. The result is a rigid panel with a relatively smooth face.

Standard P5 moisture resistant flooring is available in 18mm and 22mm and 600mm x 2440mm size sheets. We can also offer the sheets with a protective coating for use outside.

Hardboard is a cost effective material used in flooring, furniture and as protection.


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